Dee's story about her experiences with C4C.

I was introduced to Coaching for Conservation by my aunt, the founder and director of C4C. C4C sparked my interest because it combines 3 things that I love… working with kids, the environment and sports. I currently live in Canada and I loved the idea of getting to know a different culture and experiencing life in Africa. I am now studying nursing at Queens University.

I arrived in South Africa expecting great things with C4C and over the last 6 weeks my expectations were exceeded! Working with C4C on their 6 week and one day Bush RAP programs was such a rewarding and inspiring experience. Seeing the smiles light up as the kids walked on to the soccer field everyday was so encouraging to me as a coach. The excitement the kids brought to C4C gave each day a positive start and continuously encouraged me to make the program the best it could be. It was amazing experience for me to see how each individual kid reacted to the program and the new experiences it gave them. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment when I saw changes in the kids attitudes towards animals, the environment and the importance of conservation. Coaching and getting to know so many kids has taught me so much about the culture in South Africa and why our work is so important. I am so lucky to have had the privilege to meet and work with so many amazing people throughout the past 6 weeks.  I can’t thank everyone enough for making my time here so special.