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In all of our programs, teachers and learners participate in a multi-faceted education program that is founded on more than 20 years of natural and social scientific research under the umbrella of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust. The core program is grounded in a skilled soccer program that ensures kids keep having fun and are motivated to learn. 

Each child interacts with three mentors: their virtual animal coach, an educator and a trained soccer coach.
Growing each year, the Coaching for Conservation® offers a variety of programs in both South Africa and Botswana:

Annual CAMP

Each year for a decade we have gathered hundreds of grade 5 learners together with educators and soccer coaches from around the world, to put on an amazing 5 day bush experience and coaches training followed by the Coaching for Conservation® annual day camp.

After school Program

Our flagship 20 hour afterschool program targeted at Grade 5 learners over six weeks of Learning from Wildlife , including a full day in the bush.

Grade 6 Continue to Care program

A revisit to all of our previous Afterschool participants to remind, review and re-inpsire Kids to Care. They are left with a conservation challenge and encouraged to keep in touch with their coaches.

Grade 7 Wildlife walk and Ambassador program

A special full day in the bush for a select group of extra-ordinary kids from previous programs to encourage them to become C4C wildlife ambassadors and stay involved.

rhino RAP
(Rapid Awareness Program)

A single species targeted program designed to teach the key conservation facts and concepts as well as reach a wider audience.


Our best of the best - a full day program that includes a day in a game reserve to have a personal experience with wildlife together with the Animal RAP curriculum.

Most of our programs include a bush experience where children are able to have – usually their first- exposure to wildlife in the surrounding parks and reserves. This experience alone often is the spark that ignites an empathetic relationship between young people and wildlife.  We believe a personal experience is the best way to create a meaningful link, a relationship; a reason to care.

This new culture of caring will help to ensure the confidence of children, and the preservation of natural resources across Africa, for generations to come.