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Investec Rhino Lifeline

We are grateful to Investec Rhino Lifeline who has partnered with C4C since 2013 to build and deliver a C4C rhino curriculum for South Africa.  C4C IRL now targets communities in the critical zones for rhino conservation in the Eastern Cape and Mpumplanga.

Investec Rhino Lifeline has been the sole sponsor of the Rhino C4C initiative in South Africa delivering various C4C initiatives to over 3000 children annually. Prior to that, Investec Asset Management provided vital support in Botswana enabling the development of the C4C carnivore curriculum.

Through the support of Investec, the following partners have been instrumental in enabling C4C to successfully inspire South African kids who care:

Amakhala Foundation

Partnering with IRL and C4C since 2013, Amakhala Foundation expertly facilitates all C4C IRL BUSH Days out of Amakhala Game Reserve.

St Andrews College

In addition to offering their facilities for some of the after school programs, C4C  has built a successful collaborative volunteer coaching program with students from SAC and DSG

The Diocesan School for Girls

In addition to offering their facilities for some of the after school programs, C4C  has built a successful collaborative volunteer coaching program with students from SAC and DSG

Victoria Girls High School

Host many of our Grahamstown schools after school programs on their campus facilities

Good Work Foundation

An IRL-GWF partnership enables us to deliver the C4C Learning from Wildlife curriculum in critical communities on the periphery of Kruger National Park. The added value of their digital learning center facilitates a sustained connection with children.

Makana Municipality

Host to many of our Grahamstown schools after school programs on the public fields of Grahamstown

Since 2008, Tusk Trusts continued support has been crucial to the success of Coaching for Conservation's commitment to the communities surrounding the important Okavango Delta region of Northern Botswana.  

We are grateful to Tusk and our numerous Botswana sponsors and partners that have continued to help us reach more kids year after year.

Letaka Safaris

Letaka Safaris offers their experience, guiding knowledge, vehicles and passion for conservation education by donating full BUSH Day experiences for C4C participants

Elephant Trails

As a way to share their passion for the sustained and sensible conservation, Edurne Martinez and Guy Simmons, support Coaching for Conservation annual camp as their way of conserving the environment and wildlife of Botswana for the future.

Matshwane Primary School

Matshwane has long partnered with C4C Botswana- providing long term access to the land on which the Conservation Education Facility is built and ongoing logistical support.

Cheetah Conservation

A partnership with CCB was established in 2015 after recognizing our synergy and shared goals. It has enabled us to
more effectively deliver the growing array of C4C programs to critical communities in Botswana.

Wilderness Safaris

In our debt, for their consistent support of sponsorship, waterbottles and full accommodation for our 2015 annual camp


Tim Best Direct

Through their support in kind and donations of amazing holidays to help us raise funds, Tim Best Travel has been a long time supporter of BPCT and C4C.

Bruce Little

Bruce’s exceptional combination of creativity, talent and passion for conservation inspired him to help support BPCT and C4C through donations of some of the proceeds of sale of his amazing bronze sculptures and pewter creations.

We are grateful to all other supporters for their contributions – helping more kids to have a valuable wildlife experience

Lee and Juliet Folger Fund
Stuart and Teresa Graham
Mutual and Federal Insurance
Flamingo Investments
Mack Air
  Hillary'sCoffee Shop
Delta Deli
Lepopo General Whole sellers
Aquarite Water
St Marys School, Johannesburg
Herbert Hurd School,  Port Elizabeth
Think International School, Hong Kong


Beyond Sport

International symposium for
Sport and Development -
Short listed in the sport for Environment category 2010 and 2014

Prince William – HRH the Duke of Cambridge

“C4C is a brilliant idea.. it is brilliant because it is simple. We all love sports and if we just stop and think we all love animals too, so by combining the two we are teaching kids to value both”  Excerpt from a speech given Maun Botswana during visit to C4C, June 2010

United for Wildlife

C4C is endorsed as a project of United for Wildlife using Sport for social change